Just a selection of my photographs

Most of the photos have been taken with a Canon EOS 500D using a variety of Canon lenses. As from 25 March 2017 the camera used will be the Canon 80D.

I take photos for my pleasure and to preserve a memory. I dislike taking shots of people as they tend to pose in stupid manner; however I will take candid shots of people as they are more natural.

Like many I am self taught but with the onset of digital cameras mistakes are not a problem.

I tend to refrain from changing the original shot unless it is really necessary and all shots are taken as raw and converted to jpg for the web.

Enjoy the shots and feel free to use any you like, I would ask for a link or recognition though; but I will not be chasing you for it.

The background photo is Castlerigg Stone Circle on a very cold and icy Easter weekend taken by me.