May 242017

A few shots from the garden, the bluetit is a fledgling and is currently hiding under a bush being fed by the parents, so may or may not survive. The nuthatches are busy feeding young. Close up shots are photoshopped to enlarge them.

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Apr 242017

A visit to our industrial past, a time when our products were the best in the world and we did not buy cheap inferior goods from the far east. Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield.

A penknife that beats the Swiss knives

I never noticed him on top of the engine

A giant vice

A Simplex car, only 2 left in the world

Some nut

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Apr 162017

Set out for a stroll over Mam Tor but the weather changed for the worse so we gave up before we got soaked. On the way home as it had dried up we stopped at Sheffield Botanical gardens for a walk; where I continued to experiment with the AF focus points on the camera.

Arriving home we were greeted by ducklings, quite good for them to hatch on Easter Day. I wonder if they came out of red eggs?

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