Dec 092017
Yorkshire wildlife park, well worth a visit, very well run and plenty to see; even on a freezing cold day like today.
Good walk around and a visit to the Christmas market to end with, though the market was not up to last years standard.
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Dec 032017

A walk around Old Moor RSPB, started off in the cafe with beans and cheese on toast and a sausage washed down with a cup of coffee. Always good food, service and value for money

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Nov 192017

A good walk around Potteric Carr this morning, took us just under 3 hours. The site is part of Yorkshire Trust and is very well maintained; with good facilities and a pleasant cafe. We saw a Kingfisher but the shot was rubbish as it was behind the reeds. Still at least we saw one. Very cold first hard frost of the season and you could feel it in the shade.

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Nov 052017

Good evening last night with Brian, Michelle, Jessica and Joel. Visiting the Peak Cavern for a bit of music and fireworks, Turned fairly cold and it did rain, as you can see on the photos of the fireworks, looks a bit eerie but effective.

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